Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Queens of Arts

Elite freaks as hired guns for the Lord Mayor of Melbourne.
We were....the entertainment.
Myself and 4 other performers (Agent Cleave, James Andrews, Conor Gallacher and Anita Stevens) created a mad hatters tea party, ran riot and created obnoxious mischief amongst Melbourne's hoy polloy last Saturday at the Lord Mayor's Annual Charity Ball, held at the very grand Plaza Ballroom, at the Regent, Melbourne.
The costumes were designed and styled by myself and Anthony Cleave (aka Agent Cleave) and rather than go down the Disney path- we instead favoured (naturally) a more obscure high fashion take on ye olde Lewis Carroll.

Me- as the Queen of Hearts. Wig, makeup and costume by Jess Daly

Actor Conor Gallacher as the Mad Hatter. Costume designed by Jess Daly- inspiration: Nikki Sixx (from Motley Crew) at a tea party in a circus ring.

Dancer, performer and seamstress Anita Stevens (aka Lady bird) as Alice. Wig by Jess Daly (probably one of my favourite wigs Ive ever styled) high-fashion editorial inspired Alice as it were...