I work for a Melbourne based company called The Natural Lifestyles.
The Natural Lifestyles is a specialist lifestyle consultancy that offers its clients personally tailored strategies, practical techniques and live social coaching to improve their success with women and their entire social life.
We are a team of 5 main coaches, who teach a range of skills including: body language, conversation, style, social dynamics, massage, self development, goal setting etc etc
My role is as the Style Coach, as well as Social Coach. I have been working for the company for four years now and I love it!
 I offer a range of style coaching services, from anything like a few hours of shopping, to a whole weekend package including style consultation, wardrobe audit, pre-lanned shopping trips, haircuts etc.
Its extremely rewarding to work one on one with a client, get to know their personality and lifestyle- then help develop their sense of style, and take the pain out of shopping for them- and save them money. Everybody wins!

For all queries on my style coaching services please contact me at:

Here's my blurb fromm the company website:

Want to know what women truly want? An incredible conversationalist and outrageous flirt, Jess brings an invaluable female perspective to The Natural Lifestyle’s coaching team. Jess was the first female trainer to join the company, and her role as a trainer involves working with all elements of seduction including body language, conversation, touch escalation, (giving on the fly corrections to clients in role-playing scenarios as well as in the field) and as a stylist and style coach.
Jess’s love of all things stylish was born from an artistic upbringing full of galleries and theatre and performing on stage from a young age. She is fluent in French having lived in France for some time, in particular Paris where she immersed herself in one of the world’s most stylish cities. With a degree in Costume Design and Theatre Production from the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, she has worked at the London Royal Opera and Ballet sewing tutus and tiaras for Londons prima ballerinas. She now divides her time between style coaching for guys and working as a freelance costume designer. Jess brings a unique and quirky element to training as a performer and theatremaker. Jess is one half of a dance troupe duo called "V Dentatas” and has been performing in the Melbourne burlesque and dance scene for several years, from dancing at Melbourne's Big Day Out festivals, to supporting band album launches and hosting performance extravaganzas.
As style coach for the Natural Lifestyles, Jess’s speciality is helping guys achieve their potential when it comes developing a great sense of style and image that is congruent with who they are.
“Many women are unaware of why they are attracted to men (or women) in the first place, or certain types of men. Through the time taken to involve myself in this community, to understand it, (and to occasionally make efforts to change elements I don’t agree with); though first hand experience and analysis of male and female interactions, I bring a unique female perspective to an industry full of men who think they know what women want.
My main focus when working with guys to improve their style is to help them find a look and image that suits them as an individual. I am not always so interested in what is “in fashion” as what really suits the individuals interests, lifestyle, personality, body shape; to help them develop a great sense of style that makes sense to themselves.
I really enjoy seeing the progression of clients, the journey they go through, their progression in so many skills and behavioural change. It is so rewarding to witness the confidence and social skills gained by so many men, both towards women and in all other areas in their lives. There is nothing more rewarding or important to me than being involved in coaching men to have improved social skills, be great conversationalists, effective listeners, and have the skills to approach any woman or social group with confidence, style and charisma. As a woman I feel my role as a social coach is a service to womankind just as much to men!”