My obsession with hair has led me to work as a wig stylist at two different costume shops, first at The Costume Factory, and now I am the resident "wig whisperer" at the fabulous Rose Chong Costumes in Fitrzroy, Melbourne. Having very long and thick hair myself, I've always experimented with hair styling, and then throughout my work in theatre spent a lot of time (as you often do as costume designer) styling hair for actors and performers. I also perfected my vintage hair styling techniques from the guidance of the burlesque babes from HiBall Burlesque troupe, with whom I danced with for a short period.
I do love working with wigs though...they don't squirm as much as real people.

 Of all the wigs I've made, my all time favourite would be the strawberry. Here's me modelling it at work, complete with matching strawberry costume of course...

Recently completed a commission to style 4 wigs for an order from the fabulous Beyonce herself. Beyonce in was in Melbourne recently accompanying hubby Jay-Z on his tour, and decided to throw him a birthday party. The costume theme was French Rococo, and being the stylish babe she is, Beyonce insisted on personally helping select and style the outfits for the staff of the party (Note: rumour had it the staff were all models with hospitality training- who knew there was an agency for that?!!!)
So the lady herself, followed by an entourage of 6, paid a visit to my workplace at Rose Chong Costumes, and amoungst the various gorgeous outfits selected (aided of course by the fabulous staff Hannah and Anthony) she chose one of my wigs I'd previously styled, with a request for 3 more.


Below are some more of my favourite wigs I've styled. Enjoy!