Monday, January 31, 2011

"Oh Mercy" Video clip featured on Triple J

I styled the costumes for the new video clip "Stay Please Stay' for Melbourne band Oh Mercy. The clip has been released and is being featured on Triple J's  "Home and Hosed" program- very exciting.

Watch it here:

Directed by Prad Senanayake
Stylist Jess Daly
Art direction by Sherree Philips

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jess Daly featured in Peaches show review on!

I'm featured on!

Fabulous review posted on of Peaches show at The Corner Hotel, Jan 28th, written by Lara Antonelli. It mentions both the costume I designed and made for Peaches, my name, and also mentions that I was one of her dancers!
 Some excerpts from the review:

"...Running out on stage to check out Samson’s set was the titty-lady herself, nonchalantly whispering in Samson’s ear and displaying her outrageous outfit for the evening. A cream leotard with blossoming breasts surrounding her upper torso like a spring time flurry. On closer inspection, the nipples were actually the heads of Barbie dolls....
Mental note: get Peaches’ own Melbourne costume designer Jess Daly (who also happened to be one of her gorgeous dancers) to design my next party dress...Peaches was accompanied on stage by her two brunette dancers, who looked like they had just traipsed from the set of the Labyrinth, waltzed through acid rain and stolen David Bowie’s make-up, only to then find themselves on stage."


Thanks Lara!

Monday, January 10, 2011


V Dentatas back on tour!
Very exciting news that my dance troupe V Dentatas will be jetting off in less than two weeks time, back on the road, with the Big Day Out 2011 festival tour around Australia!

We'll be heading to Gold Coast for the festival on the 23rd Jan, followed by two shows in Sydney, then Melbourne, Adelaide, and finishing up in Perth on Feb 8th.

For the 3rd year running, Sian and I will be performing on the Lilyworld stage- joining our fabulous friends and crazy cats Duckpond, Larry and Heavy G. This years theme is times ahead!

Check out the Big Day Out 2011 website and timetables here:

Lineup includes: Iggy & the Stooges, M.I.A., Grinderman, The Black Keys, Primal Scream, LCD Soundsystem and my faves Ratatat...pumped!

My Peaches costume on Gonzolized!


My Boob costume for Peaches is on the fab Chilly Gonzales blog "Gonzolized"
Check out all the slideshows and links to articles and other blogs and music website featuring Peaches in my costume!
                                                       Photo by Russel Privett 2011
Very chuffed to be included on Gonzales blog! He is a wonderful musician/entertainer and long time friend and collaborator of Peaches. A Grammy-nominted Canadian musician, he is a pianist, producer and songwriter. He has collaborated with Peaches on her production of the musical “Peaches Christ Superstar” which debuted in the US in December to rave reviews!
Check out this video of Peaches TV talking about her musical adaptation..

Am hoping she will bring "Peaches Christ Superstar", or her other musical "Peaches Does Herself" to Australia! Fingers crossed!


This just in: article on Peaches, from an interview at Lorne Falls festival- referencing the Barbie/Boob costume that I made for her!

Strange that the interviewer would compare Peaches to Gaga- nothing alike!
And describing the Boob Costume as inflatable! Bizzare!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Peaches DJ Tour

Just got back from a whirlwind tour with the fabulous PEACHES!
Yes the lady who rocks, Canadian songstress electro-punk mistress was in Australia for her DJ tour. Myself and Sian of V Dentatas were on her tour as her dancers, along with my new partner in crime Agent Cleave so it was quite a team. For Sian and I, I designed a series of new costumes (the pink hair suits in particular my favourite- a homage to Martin Margiela, Peaches, with a bit of Gareth Pugh thrown in!) I had a team of sewing helpers which included Esther Hayes, Jonny Kirk, Emma Morrison and Anita Lady Bird.
Anthony (aka Agent Cleave) and I co-designed and made two outfits as well, including the giant neck frills (see below).

Me, onstage at Field Day Sydney. Wearing the pink hair costume.

 Jonny onstage at Field Day Sydney. Wearing neck frill designed and made by Anthony and I.
 Sian Reid, of V Dentatas. Onstage at Field Day, Sydney. Wearing Robot costume, designed and made by Jess Daly.

The highlight of course being the Boob Cluster costume that I designed and made for Peaches herself. A feat of engineering and barbie massacre. The costume is worn in two pieces, the first a lycra/cotton lycra long sleeve leotard, and then the barbie/boobie shoulder piece is worn over the top. I designed it to be worn for DJing and the size of the shoulders worked well. I liked that Peaches could throw it around and spin it around her neck!

I also made two matching BarbieBoob leotards, which we wore as one of our many  costume changes during Peaches DJ set. "Shake your tits shake your tits!!!"