Saturday, January 8, 2011

Peaches DJ Tour

Just got back from a whirlwind tour with the fabulous PEACHES!
Yes the lady who rocks, Canadian songstress electro-punk mistress was in Australia for her DJ tour. Myself and Sian of V Dentatas were on her tour as her dancers, along with my new partner in crime Agent Cleave so it was quite a team. For Sian and I, I designed a series of new costumes (the pink hair suits in particular my favourite- a homage to Martin Margiela, Peaches, with a bit of Gareth Pugh thrown in!) I had a team of sewing helpers which included Esther Hayes, Jonny Kirk, Emma Morrison and Anita Lady Bird.
Anthony (aka Agent Cleave) and I co-designed and made two outfits as well, including the giant neck frills (see below).

Me, onstage at Field Day Sydney. Wearing the pink hair costume.

 Jonny onstage at Field Day Sydney. Wearing neck frill designed and made by Anthony and I.
 Sian Reid, of V Dentatas. Onstage at Field Day, Sydney. Wearing Robot costume, designed and made by Jess Daly.

The highlight of course being the Boob Cluster costume that I designed and made for Peaches herself. A feat of engineering and barbie massacre. The costume is worn in two pieces, the first a lycra/cotton lycra long sleeve leotard, and then the barbie/boobie shoulder piece is worn over the top. I designed it to be worn for DJing and the size of the shoulders worked well. I liked that Peaches could throw it around and spin it around her neck!

I also made two matching BarbieBoob leotards, which we wore as one of our many  costume changes during Peaches DJ set. "Shake your tits shake your tits!!!"

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