Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jess Daly featured in Peaches show review on FasterLouder.com!

I'm featured on FasterLouder.com!

Fabulous review posted on Fasterlouder.com of Peaches show at The Corner Hotel, Jan 28th, written by Lara Antonelli. It mentions both the costume I designed and made for Peaches, my name, and also mentions that I was one of her dancers!
 Some excerpts from the review:

"...Running out on stage to check out Samson’s set was the titty-lady herself, nonchalantly whispering in Samson’s ear and displaying her outrageous outfit for the evening. A cream leotard with blossoming breasts surrounding her upper torso like a spring time flurry. On closer inspection, the nipples were actually the heads of Barbie dolls....
Mental note: get Peaches’ own Melbourne costume designer Jess Daly (who also happened to be one of her gorgeous dancers) to design my next party dress...Peaches was accompanied on stage by her two brunette dancers, who looked like they had just traipsed from the set of the Labyrinth, waltzed through acid rain and stolen David Bowie’s make-up, only to then find themselves on stage."


Thanks Lara!

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