Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zand Collective Take Over Boston!

Just got back to New York from an epic show tour to Boston, I performed with Kayvon Zand and the Zand Collective in our most elaborate show yet!
An incredible lineup of performers created a magical club night of wonder, showcased by host Susanne Bartsch for party BARTSCHLAND.
On the bill (this is probably the best thing I've ever seen..we need to tour this...)
Amanda Lepore
Joey Arias
Jonte Moaning
Kayvon Zand & Zand Collective
Jessica 6
And a collection of the wildest, coolest and most spectacular medley of hosts, dancers, drag queens and performance artists!
On the bus on the way home back to New York. This is one clown car you want to be on; Amanda Lepore, Joey Arias, Jonte Moaning, Kayvon Zand, Susanne Bartsch, Gerry Visco but to name a few- what a lineup!
PARTY ARRIVAL: Me with my bestie Krsitina Kiss- designer at SSIK designs and member of the Zand Collective. Both wearing latex pieces by Vengeance Designs.

My makeup design I created for the show- contouring 101!
Kayvon Zand and the Zand Collective performing 'Last One Standing"
Kayvon Zand and the Zand Collective performing "I Am The Nyte"
Backstage shenadigans; Dylan Monroe, Jess Daly, Kristina Kiss, Jessica Love

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