Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maniac superman rockstar JIMMY STEWART!

There's few people on this earth who could convince me to make them a customised superhero suit.
Jimmy Stewart is one of them.
This amazing creature cruised into my world in a pirate gypsy get-up so authentic I thought he must own a horse instead of a car.
The Melbourne musician is the real deal rockstar, and with such charming self deprecating wit commissioned me to construct him a STUPIDMAN suit. That's right- you read correctly.
So for his upcoming gig I made him the first ever glam-rock metallic vinyl Superman suit, complete with hand appliqued cape and pants so tight only a real man can wear them.

Note: Unlike Christopher Reeve's nightmare unitard, Jimmy's suit is much more practical. Looks like a one-sie, but is in fact a two-piece, enabling Jimmy to strip off halfway through a performance, and perform as a shirtless Stupidman.
This is why I enjoy making costumes for rockstars.

Note the nice Aussie touch of the blunstones instead of red superman boots. Noice.

I hand appliqued the symbol. Its rather difficult with stretch pvc I dont suggest you try it unless you have the patience of a saint...which luckily I do.

Check out Jimmy here:

Check out his music:
CLINKERFIELD (for all your drunken pirate convict rockenroll needs since 2002)
THE MISERABLE LITTLE BASTARDS (depression era show tunes for the new global recession and an emancipation procession against emotional oppression since 2008).
For the writing on the cape, I copied the original Superman font, redrew it into "Stupidman" and hand appliqued/patchworked the whole thing!

On receiving his finished costume, dear Jimmy spent the day preceding his gig cycling around Melbourne fully costumed! That's commitment to an aesthetic!

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