Sunday, April 22, 2012

NYE Trash Masquerade with Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman

New Years Eve 2010-2011- I found myself perched on a giant amplifier, in front of a crowd of 11,000 people at the Falls Festival Tasmania...while Sian and I of V Dentatas flanked PEACHES as she boomed out the NYE countdown. (see the video here)
Followed by an epic Peaches DJ set also featuring the glamorous gothic stylings of my male twin and partner in crime Agent Cleave.

And so this year- he and I were left wondering- how does one match that?
So we got in touch with our buddy Ms Palmer and joined the circus that was:


In the epic warehouse/performance space that is "Revolt"- for one night it was a magical land of vice, trash and masquerade. Lavishly costumed punters were treated to a night of musical genius, performance, theater, poems, letters... Neil Gaiman seduced his audience and fans with his calm voice and magical words, while the lady of the night that is Amanda Palmer rocked the roof off. The night also featured amongst others The Bedroom Philosopher, The Jane Austen Argument, Mikelangelo and Saint Claire and the goddess that is MEOW MEOW! What a line up.
Agent Cleave and I thought what better way to bring in the new year in this trash-esque wonderland than to treat the audience to a gothic striptease of flying ponies. New capes in hand, thigh high PVC boots, corsets and latex horse heads- we created an audience interactive performance piece where ladies and gentelemen were piled up together in a trashy masked orgy that left us no other choice but to writhe amongst them and cough up blood all over ourselves.

Happy New Year indeed!


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