Thursday, March 24, 2011

Secret Koala Strippers for Amanda Palmer at the Forum, Feb 26th 2011

Video here shows myself and Agent Cleave dancing onstage for Amanda Palmer's gig at the Forum, Melbourne, Feb 26 2011.
Her recent album is title is "Amanda Palmer Down Under", and contains songs all inspired by Australia.....Myself and Anthony aka Agent Cleave were invited to be a secret element to her show- for her song Map of Tasmania (of which the clip features many a fabulous merkin) we were a suprise act organised by her tour manager Eric. We both came onstage in koala suits, proceeded to strip to Aussie bogan flannies and denim cut off shorts, then finally ripped it all off to reveal bejwelled and fluro hair trimmed merkins and nipple covers! Anthony and I made these, as well as making extras for both Eric (tour manager) and one for Amanda herself. Check out the video- the look on her face is priceless- she had no idea!
Agent Cleave and I as Amanda Palmers secret Koala strippers! Posing here withe fabulous Kim Boekbinder
Agent Cleave and I backstage at the Forum, as Bogan Koalas

 Agent Cleave and I go crazy with hot glue and sequins

Bejewelled mirkin with matching nipple covers that i made and wore (they were also later trimmed with pink hair!) The black hairy one is the one I made for Amanda Palmer as a gift.

Me making bejewelled mirkins to wear for Amanda Palmer's show at the Forum FEb 26


  1. How funny Jess. But it is awesome thought you have. I found that you have so creative mind.
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  2. Thanks fr sharing. You are so creative! I love the picture of you bejeweling with a bottle of wine on the desk!
    Portsmouth Exotic Dancers

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