Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy hairy babes- Cleave & Daly at the Bohemian Masquerade Ball

I made epic hair costumes for myself and Agent Cleave
Worn here for a dance performance "The Birth Of Venus"
At the 8th Annual Bohemian Masquerade Ball at the Thornbury Theatre.

The hairy duo of Cleave and Daly were joined by the fabulous dancing talent of Anita Stevens and James Andrews. What a team.

 The costumes consisted of giant black hair capes that formed hairy wings. We also (on top of our already long and lusicous black hair ) had extra hair extensions. Heaven.

In the words of Agent Cleave "As a duo, our aesthetic is haircentric. We are both obsessed with hair as beauty, as a costume, and the idea that hair accentuates our sexuality and blurs the gender divide between us"

 Backstage, about to go on! Myself, James, Anita and Agent Cleave. Anita and James costumes were styled buy the multitalented Cleave himself.

Braided hair pieces created by Jess Daly. Makeup design by Agent Cleave

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