Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shoot with Caveboy studios

Caveboy Studios are a Melbourne team of photographers, artists, stylists, hair and makeup wizards who create the most breathtaking photographs and artworks.
I have collaborated with them before, and their images are second to none.
The following are a series of images from the studio of myself, shot in late 2011.
All the costumes I designed, including the red feathered mohawk headress.
The wonderful team that produced these images are:
Photography: Shami Kiely
Photoshop - Rob Kiely
MUA - Amanda Lissant-Clayton
Hair - Paul Pattihis
Assistance - Tina Harvey

My homage to Rufio, leader of the Lost Boys from the film "Hook"

 The latex suit was designed by myself and Agent Cleave, when we danced for for Peaches on her Australian east coast DJ tour in 2011. I styled the outfit to include a beautiful necklace and sequin appliques that I bought on a recent tour to New York; the gloves are beautiful beaded satin, with the glossy black talons attached. The look i wanted to achieve for the shoot was that of a sci-fi gothic barbie.
RUFIO: The mohawk I made as a separate headpiece, with 2 rows of feathers as well as sections of synthetic black hair. To finish off the edges were added weaves of long plaits of black hair. The collar is a costume piece from my divine workplace Rose Chong Costumes ( a Fitzroy fashion and costume institution) which I added extra sequin appliques and feathers to. The vinyl leotard leotard I created myself while on tour with Peaches in Berlin in 2011- the hunt for studs for the bra and knickers providing a challenge to hunt down!

Two pics of the babe himself; Rufio:

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